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## This is what Need For Speed Should Have been. (8/10)
Børning is a Norwegian slang for "burn out" and the movie is inspired from the movie Cannonball Run & Fast & Furious though I am not going to compare this movie to them But I can say with confidence this is what a Need For Speed Movie should have been.

## Perfect For Car-racing Lovers (7/10)
Its a light-hearted movie for car lovers. The movie captures the beautiful scenery of Norway with wide camera shots. A movie that is slow to start but picks up good pace by second half. If you are fan of movies like fast & fuirious and willing to suspend disbelief than you will enjoy the movie. For me “Børning” was all was expecting it to be.

## Toned down on the craziness (6/10)
The movie is very humble if compared to other movies like Fast & furious and for me that was a good thing.

##Good Character Progress for the protagonist 7/10)
It’s the journey of self-discovery for a father who has been selfish for the most part of his life. It was interesting to see how the relationship develops between two main characters Roy & his daughter. Adding to that, the movie continues to be about fast cars and a lot of fun.

##lack of development in supporting Characters (4/10)
One can argue that there is lack of character development & the other female actors are only to add some umph factor to the movie and I will agree with it. Roys Girlfriend & another female hardly get any dialogues. If we can overlook that the movie is fun to watch.

##Logic Goes out of the window (5/10)
Sadly the move was way to realistic in the beginning that by the time the movie picks up pace you have hard time believing what is happening in t he screen . It is important to point out that if you are looking for LOGIC & reality you may not find much here. The cares are basically indestructible & do physics defying stunts.

##Some humor & a Funny Crazy Cop (7/10)
There is good humor in the interactions between Roy’s friends. Another funny aspect was a car-race hating cop on a mission to arrest Roy and other racers also give good comic moments.

##Sleeper hit in Norway (8/10)
I have read unconfirmed reports that film is a big domestic hit in Norway outselling Guardians of the Galaxy six times at the box office. So do check it OUT.

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Børning-(2014) Final Rating = 6.5/10
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