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Who hid the microcard in the elevator?

How did the micro card get behind the plate in the elevator?

Simon would have been dead and Caroline was unaware that she was being filmed, yet someone would have had to remove the card from the camera (or cameras) and hide it in the elevator. The only thing I can think of is that Simon's father did this, but if he knew that his son had been murdered, why didn't he alert the authorities?

I know that a certain degree of improbability is a hallmark of Film Noir, but in order for this film to work, you must learn what was on the hidden micro card, but I can't see how it got into the elevator so that Porter could find it many months later.

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Simon did it.
The gopro's was set up for external recording.
You actually see the wires going from the cameras to the recorder.


Simon wanted to film his cruel stunt in the abandoned building and get his wife's response on camera. He was not actually expecting them to both die in the demolition the next day. The whole thing was a prank, he even mentioned that he rigged the elevator so it wouldn't actually drag her down the shaft.

It was really no different than the time he filmed himself and her during the fake overdose incident.



The four cameraes, including the two in the room, was already filming when the elevator was sent up, so the wires connecting them was long enough for the full elevator travel up and down.