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Should be called PlotHole Nocturne

Seriously, I have never seen so many plot holes trying to insult my intelligence.

Billionaire not using professionals to figure out where the mail is coming from (would take a day to figure this out)

Rich widow using a reporter to find out who killed her husband, while she is the killer? Oh, but that's not she wanted, is it? She wanted him to find the materials as well, except she didn't tell him that. Ooops...

Billionaire's henchmen beating up, shooting kid, of an already well-motivated reporter. What, why??

And at last, the icing. Billionaire gives the reporter a key. The Key. The one he needs to progress in the story and draw it to conclusion. Except billionaire doesn't even know that this key is important to our poor reporter. So why does he give it to him? WHY???


I could not agree more!!!



The way the plot unfolded was incredible.

Adding a few more:

- No mention of the stomach wound on Crowley's dead body in the police report - at least the bit where Porter reads it aloud, I would imagine that would be well documented

- no apparent reason for Caroline to make a big fuss out of narrating the horsie story [for a moment I thought she killed her step dad or something]

- no reason why the camera w/card was still with Crowley's dad despite billionaire's pros searching for it

Nonetheless it was mildly entertaining


no apparent reason for Caroline to make a big fuss out of narrating the horsie story [for a moment I thought she killed her step dad or something]

Part of the story was the stepfather was going into Caroline's room and raping her. He told Caroline he would buy her the horse if she did not tell her mother about the "visits". He didn't follow through and she threatened to tell her mom. He told her she would have the horse the next day. Instead he brings her to the horse and kills it in front of her.

Personally I think what the stepfather did to Caroline was incredibly horrible! I can completely understand why she would not want to share that story often. She told Hobbs because he shared a painful story and showed his physical deformity from the attack.

Her husband was jealous she trusted Hobbs enough to tell the story but not him. He knew the story must have been traumatizing since Hobb's commented "that is terrible" and was really just trying to upset her.

Caroline is definitely a broken person as seen by her committing to relationships but then cheating. The film leads us to believe her stepfather was a big reason for her problems.


Despite enjoying the movie, wasn't great, but wasn't bad either, I agree with your points, except the third one: it's obvious she wasn't going to tell him the real reason why she wanted him to investigate the dead husband, because he just wouldn't do it. But having a hidden agenda and using him doesn't make it a plot hole.

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