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Inconsistency with actors playing different characters over the series

Definitely just a movie(s) but seeing that I watched these movies so much I couldn't help but notice that some actors played multiple roles in the Rocky-verse. Chalk it up to allegiances rather than laziness but still interesting.

Kevin King Templeton was Rocky Jr's friend/Co-worker during bar scene when they showed the "Looney Tunes" fight than 10 years later he moved to the UK to become a press conference fight mod in Creed. Not impossible I guess.

James Binnes played Rocky's Lawyer in Rocky V and then he played a boxing commish in RB. Not an unreasonable promotion but unlikely due to him not recognizing his past client.

Frank Stallone played multiple characters in Rocky 1 (singer, bum from the dock/dark?), Rocky 2 (singer), Rocky 3 (fighter in montage, singer), RB (guest during dinner "Salut")

Any others?


Huh, I didn't really noticed the others, but I have only noticed Frank Stallone in a couple appearance. I'm not sure I would call it lazy, but I do see what you mean. The characters are pretty minor characters that reappear time to time that it may not really matter. I see what you mean. Now I'll go watch the movies and try the spot the rest of the others that you mentioned.