Fav rocky mov???

I wanna say Creed was nothing but a black rocky movie cashing in on the brand and racism etc but it was simply well done.

But Rocky 1 was the first and best to me. Rocky 2 was another classic equally great but touched on not just the underdog but how the people on top can fall. A little unrealistic to believe Appollo would risk his career and fortune for pride but it was still amazing.

Three was great but too Hollywood to be the best.

The others, not close to the first except Balboa was a great try.

My pick is the original. And for the young ones out there who don't know; when it came out it especially resonated with (at the time) the very large Italian ghetto community. Poor immigrants seen as below every one but one small step above blacks, were given the death causing jobs that built today's city's like New York and Toronto. Millions of them dead under buildings. Millions dead from cancer before forty from being made to work with asbestos because their lives were expendable. It gave a hero to all the poor ghettos, Italian, Black, Jewish and Irish. Anyway, it's a different time now and it was before when most young adults now were born.

So your Fav rocky movie?