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The Characters Are All Jerks, Except Batman

All the heroes in this movie, but Batman, are jerks. I don't understand how they could make these heroes into such colossal jerks, but they managed it.

Superman in this is a guy who cares more about strength than anything else. His Boy Scout qualities are non-existent.

Green Lantern is a jerk who has the largest chip on his shoulder I've ever seen. And he only gets a little better at the end.

Cyborg before his transformation was a self-centered jerk to his dad. And kind of an idiot.

Wonder Woman became Sakura from Naruto, with Superman as Sasuke, and somehow very naive about how her actions could be taken.

Shazaam both as a kid and an adult had to be the most irritating character in the movie.

The Flash was slightly better, but then he was kind of non-existent throughout the movie.


Seemed more realistic to me. They all seemed younger except for Batman.

Superman was impressed with WW. The only woman on the planet he can bang and not hold back with no fesr of pulverizing her. Otherwise he was quiet and reserved. He is an alien after all. He may not have the right kind of personality to seem like a typical 20 something.

WW is an amazon. Same thing. Might as well be an alien because everything is new to her. Even ice cream.


Oh yeah and Cyborg was a good.guy. he jusy wanted his dad to come to one if his games. The dad was the jerk.


There's wanting your dad to come to your games, and there's going into his lab and grabbing what should obviously not be grabbed and then trying to break it.

What they had him do is something I'd expect out of a kid, not a teenager about to go to college. They made him way too immature.


Cyborg is a self centered jerk because he wants his father to support him? So ridiculous. Cyborg's father was a failure. He is lucky Cyborg turned out as well as he did.

I aim to misbehave!


I don't know if I'd say "jerks" but yes I agree. I don't like the way they were being betrayed in this movie. I get that this is a "they just met for the 1st time movie". I want my Superman the boyscout back. I didn't like the Artwork in some ways.... Superman had a REALLY fat head.


I agree. This is probably the worst animated Justice League movie.

Hal Jordan acts like a spoilt teenager.
Superman's first line (to Batman) is "So, what do you do?"
Wonder woman tries a strawberry cone and declares "Ice cream is wonderful!"

Superman watches Wonder Woman fighting and flirts "You're strong!" to which she replies "I know.".

A teenager could write better dialogue...

Apart from Batman and Flash (who is supposed to be a little childish), the others act like children, which makes sense for Shazam but not the rest.


lol I was thinking Wonder Woman was right out of Ouran High School Host Club or some other anime with over-emotional characters.