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Why Superman/Wonder Woman is better than Superman/Lois Lane

I like Superman/Wonder Woman, much better than Superman/Lois Lane or Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor. Superman and Wonder Woman together give the title "power couple" a whole new meaning. The amazonian demigoddess and the god-like alien being. That alone says a lot. I apologize to the Superman/Lois shippers, but as far as I'm concerned, Lois just can't match up to Wonder Woman.

There are so many reasons why Wonder Woman is so much better than Lois. One of my biggest hangups about Superman/Lois is the whole damsel in distress thing. It's been done to DEATH. Superman/Wonder Woman brings a whole level of uniqueness. I get that Lois keeps Superman humble and anchors his humanity, but Wonder Woman does that too in her own way, as does he with her. But the reverse is also true. Both Superman and Wonder Woman can make the other strive to be all they can be. They don't need to hide or hold back who or what they are with each other like Superman needs to with Lois, or Wonder Woman with Steve (who actually ends up marrying someone else anyway).

They're also a team. Superman doesn't need to constantly worry about Wonder Woman's safety; she can handle herself and then some. There's also lifespans to consider. Both Superman and Wonder Woman possess semi-immortality and longevity, while Lois and Steve will kick the bucket like any normal human, leaving poor Superman and Wonder Woman alone. I know Lois has been around since the beginning, but like I said, the hero/damsel in distress has been done to death. Let it die and move on to something new, exciting, fresh, and better in every way. I am so over Lois, but Superman and Diana will live on forever, and having them together creates endless possibilities.

Together, Superman and Wonder Woman can go far beyond anything that could ever hope to happen with Lois or Steve. In some universes/realities/timelines/dimensions/etc Superman and Wonder Woman have even had children together. Like Lara aka Supergirl (no not Kara), who's a total badass, and Jonathan aka Hyperman, who can travel through time and hyper space. I know Superman and Lois have had children in a few universes too, like Lara-Lane, but they're basically just another Superman/girl. But an alien/amazonian god hybrid, now THAT'S a hero.

Personally, I think Superman and Wonder Woman match each other perfectly. Their relationship made me want to read the new Superman/Wonder Woman series, and THAT is really saying a lot, making me want to read a series just because of the couple, especially since I don't read comics. I'm hoping that they will stay official in the primary universe, even though I know it's unlikely because it's technically a crossover series (and since Superman died, but he might come back again). Still I can at least be satisfied that in some universes they get and stay together. I'm hoping to see their relationship progress in this movie series, as I find it far more interesting than with Lois or Steve. They have nothing to hide or hold back from each other and are free to be open in all things.


I'm not the biggest fan. I like Batman and Wonder Woman a lot more, but that may be just because I'm a huge fan of the JL animated series.

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