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Surprisingly Good... Very Good actually!!!

I read the plot and expected a trite eye candy piece with campy story and bad acting. Sorry, just being honest.
I started the film intending to half watch. I found myself drawn in - all the way drawn in. The casting / acting; cinematography, score, directing and editing were all top notch. The story wasn't life changing or perhaps one that would stick with you for any amount of time, but it wasn't bad at the least. The artistic style, the surreal, dreamy mood to the film made the story that much more convincing.

I'd say, BRAVO, well done on this one! Quite a pleasant surprise.


Same here, wanted to do a half watch before going out and decided to just stay all the way because of it draws you in! Plot isn't life-changing but it's something that we can all relate to at some point in our adulthood, plus the scenery and the pine forest where Sangaile and her fam lived was all beautiful. I felt nostalgic of my summers as a kid and even felt envy of the kids having such a wonderful time in their summer with that scenery!

Very good, feel-good film.


Actually REALLY Good. I'm suggesting it to all my friends.
Except of course the ending somebody needs to walk away happy as a couple