Worth it for the airplanes?

Saw a trailer for this on another DVD I was watching. I really like airplanes and I love film footage of planes and flying. Of course that wouldn't be my sole reason for watching, but it is one factor that makes the movie more attractive.

So for someone like me, would it be worth it to go to much trouble to see this? I don't ordinarily subscribe to a streaming service and Netflix doesn't have it on DVD, so I'd have to go to some effort to find it.

Frankly, aside from the aircraft, the rest of it looks like it could just be your generic two-young-girls-fall-in-love-in-a-beautiful-exotic-locale movie.


Yes, it's worth. Lots of that footage.

generic two-young-girls-fall-in-love-in-a-beautiful-exotic-locale movie

Too, but it looks really good couse topic of flying is all the time in movie.