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Ashley Madekwe

I don't understand how she ended up in two roles back to back that are so different on the surface but still the same underneath.

Role: token representation for POC so that they can say, "yes, we've got one" if asked. Character has zero value to anyone, zero power, minimal sense of agency. At one point she will make a play for the love interest of the main leading female which does not work out. Will be horribly disproportionately punished for any action taken out of self interest.

Same thing in Revenge and Salem. Same exact thing. Why? I don't understand how this is the only role she can get. She's pretty enough and a good enough actress. I know movie and TV roles are hard for WOC actresses to get into but she's the type that usually does well in Hollywood - ambiguosly ethnic - so I really am curious to see if she goes for the hat trick.

I mean, if you you could make official bets on what she's going to do next, I'd bet my house and family that she's going to be a vague frenemy/servant of some vaguely evil witchy white woman.

I don't even know how it makes sense that the one person with a valid reason for going evil (avoiding slavery) has to deal with being a voiceless slave for the rest of her life. That's even word than regular slavery. I mean, what sicko thought that up? While the hag that started the whole thing gets sunshine and butterflies? That's some bizarre plotting.

Cotton's in hell burning... These two walking about in the sunshine like la see da... No wonder this shiz got cancelled.


I think Cotton got treated unfairly and Anne got away with murder,
Tituba? I'm not sure. Betrayal is a big sin according to Dante's Inferno and Judas in the Bible. Maybe she gets in trouble for her betrayal and not witchcraft. Also, remember, this is Anne's doing. She doesn't want a powerful witch as competition. It's not justice. I think if there was a season 4, we'd see Anne trying to use her evil powers to do good and she would fail, with Tituba and Cotton gaining freedom.
The actress was on a show in UK about call girls. Her hubby, Isaac, also in that show and this one. In the call girl show, IIRC, she gets a happy ending.


i noticed this as well. her role was pretty much identical to her role in the revenge show except with her of course being a literal witch. its rather pathetic and i think you can chalk it up to roles pretty much being limited to people of color. she will forever be casted as the token black girl.