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Question about season 2...Why did John Alden turn violently against....

killing all witches? hi guys, i am a new fan/viewer of this show and i'm now up to season 2. i can't remember exactly but didn't John choose to go to the rendezvous point to meet Mary even AFTER she told him she was a witch? he was prepared to leave Salem with her in spite of her witchery. as far as he knows (if i remember correctly) it was only his being shot that night that derailed his and Mary's plan to leave the town and that Mary may have just been late for their rendezvous meeting time.

now completely out of nowhere in season 2's first ep, John is hellbent on destroying any and all witches. interestingly enough John basically did what Mary did in that he sold his soul (sort of) to the Native American spirits (or whatever). he seems completely out of character going by his actions in season 1's finale (as i listed in this thread post).

i'm only on ep.4 of season 2 so maybe i'm jumping the gun on this topic but is it explained/revealed on why John had such a dramatic change in character or is it just the writing in this one particular instance is iffy?


I missed the transformation as well.
He knew she was a witch and wanted to leave with her anyway.
Possible reasons for the change: The plague that kills innocents in town, the Grand Rite. The witches messing up his life in general. Also, somehow he figured out Mary is head witch and not just a member of the coven, so he can blame all bad witch stuff on Mary so it's like betrayal times 10.


whatever94401, thanx for getting back to me (especially before these message boards are gone!)! i'm up to season 3 episode 5 and while i definitely still like the show, the writing in some parts like...

1. John's drastic change in character (as i posted in this thread starter)

2.John's whole Native American ceremony (his tattoos/the powerful(?) Native American spirits protection thing, etc.) deal really didn't go anywhere. his using their protection (which caused painful tattoo-ish type marks in his body...i think it said every time he used (for example) the invisible magic it took more and more of his soul but as of season 3 ep.5 that plot point was dropped completely.

3. Anne's out of nowhere "epic love" for Cotton is alright IMO but wasn't Anne just head over heels into John Alden? lol.

there are other writing/character issues i have with the show mainly starting with season 2 (right up to season 3) but i'm still enjoying it and with only 5 eps to go i love that i have absolutely NO idea how each character's fates will end up. i'm dying to come to this board (while i still have time now that the boards are closing) to read everyone's opinions/questions but i just have to get through the final 5 eps. hopefully i will talk to you soon about the show!

thanx again for getting back to me. :)