I fell in love with American Graffiti when I was a kid. The concept of a sandbox-type movie paired with the 60s era immediate made it my favorite movie. It was like looking through a window of time before I was born.

Then came Dazed and Confused. That movie took the concept of AG and modernized it. Can't say how many double-features with the two movies I've had late at night when suffering from insomnia, or when I used to deal with depression. Those movies really helped.

Then, subUrbia came. As someone who was born in the mid 80s, my teen years were in the 90s, and I was happy that subUrbia captured the grunge / post-modern feel perfectly. The characters and loitering were all too familiar.

For years, I've always wanted a movie that took place between Dazed and subUrbia. We had the 60s, the 70s, then the 90s. Now with Everybody Wants Some!!, we have the 80s.

I've been reading the many reasons why a lot of people don't like this movie. For the most part, those reasons are exactly why I appreciate this movie. I love how Linklater put this movie in a 3 day span as opposed to the usual 24hr format. Really gave us (or me) the opportunity to try and relate or understand the characters, especially after repeated viewing. Till this day, I still find things I haven't noticed before in all of the movie above, and I find the re-watch ability amazing. I love movies that have an open plot and emphasize on the characters.

A lot of people have said that EWS doesn't capture the magic and lightning of Dazed. I agree, and thats why I love it. Although American Graffiti wasnt Linklater's movie, it had the magic of innocence and had a positive and fun vibe. On the flip-side, subUrbia dealt with the heaviness and nihilism of the 90s. If it seems like EWS wasn't as exciting or amped up as Dazed, I'd agree and say that maybe that was the point.

If you put Dazed, EWS, and subUrbia next to each other and aligned them from greatest to least in terms of "excitement" (sorry, can't think of a better word), then it would be chronological in terms of decade.

And FINALLY, I'm done. Just wanted to share my appreciation for this movie and Linklater.