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omg, this reviewer tears uwe boll apart! lmao!

you guys have to read this! -new-breed/


Why's he tearing Boll apart when he didn't write or direct it?

And tearing Boll's work to pieces is like hitting a dead horse. No sane person likes any of his films, so picking on him is entirely pointless and redundant.



Assault on Wall Street was awesome.

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Reviewer is an idiot, he couldn't even visit the SEED IMDB board to see that the axe he keeps running on about was not an axe and is, oh by the way, quite infamously known as "the hammer scene" and talked about ad nauseam.

Speaking of ad nauseam... Boll Bashing. Uwe Boll actually has a very loyal and growing fan base of people that have taken the time to watch films like Tunnel Rats, Heart of America and Darfur and have come to appreciate the guys work and his hilarious critiques on the BS that is Hollywood and celebrity.

The reviewer sounds like the idiot Boll hating 15 year olds of a decade ago.


Even more hilarious the guy who posted the link wrote the article. He spams his crap all over IMDb. Rank amateur of the highest order especially when he is too lazy to look at the credits for a film he supposedly watched.


"Uwe Boll actually has a very loyal and growing fan base"