Better than expected

Okay the word "better" might the the wrong word cause that implies it's "good" but I mean it's fairly entertaining

Above average when it comes to these no budget cheesy monsterflicks that SyFy and Asylum produces 2 a week

Yeah sure the FX aren't that great in fact they are pretty bad but it's still more entertaining than Godzilla (2014) and that cost 160 000 000 dollars to make where as this one cost I would guess at the very most 160 000 dollars to make.

Think about that one fore a second, Godzilla costs thousand times more (literally) yet this movie is more entertaining, that speaks volumes I think.

Even tho it's nothing amazing, and yeah falls in the line of "so bad it's good" movies, which is a genre I and many others enjoy, if you do not, then yeah maybe this movie is not for you.

If your dream is shattered, pick up the glass


agreed. I was expecting some awful SyFy movie (which as you pointed out, are still fun for what they are) but I found that they may have actually tried to avoid some of the tropes that make this genre so predictable and boring. It was a well spent hour and a half of a rainy Saturday watching television.

But yeah, the cgi was pretty awful though...