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What's up with this movie poster? Also, American Beauty 2?

The movie poster is very misleading. Horrible design in my opinion. This movie poster looks like is should be some sort of Hollywood cookie cutter action flick starring Gerard Butler or Jason Statham. They really could've made it more appropriate for the mood and feel of the movie.

The only reason I watched this was because of Wes Bentley. I really enjoyed it despite and thought it deserved more than a 5+ rating.

On another note this could also be a far-fetched sequel to American Beauty. The obsessive camera guy grows up, starts a family, and experiences his own existential crisis. Anybody else agree?


Yeah the poster is most definitly a bit misleading and the rating would probably be a little (but not much) higher if a more appropriate poster would have been made.

But I suppose it's a movie that's rather hard to sell.

About the American Beauty 'sequel' bit. I haven't seen that in 16 years so I can't say if I agree or don't agree, I think it's just a case of Wes Bentley's acting being similar (he's not really a acting chameleon).

Sometimes it's better to keep the genie in the bottle.