Jewish Film Festival

I just came back from seeing this today at the Jewish Film Festival and it was absolutely wonderful, I highly recommend it. A movie that takes on the identity of Judaism and Catholicism, the separation, and hopefully reconciliation of our humanity... when faced with such difficult issues as a convent on Auschwitz, and how one can maintain one's Jewish identity, while believing in a path of Jesus, without renouncing one or the other, though so many from both schools believe you should take a side so to speak.

I feel very similar in my life, born a Jew, having had my deepest spiritual experiences in life with God, Jesus, Native American sweat lodge ceremony, Buddhist meditations, it leads me to believe we are not one thing, one static path... but an ever winding, ever deepening journey towards a something beautiful, blossoming, expansive, uncovering inclusion, compassion, and love.

A Jewish Seed, grows in the love of God, the love of Jesus, and the wisdom of Buddhism.

This movie was challenging but loving, beautiful, and intelligent. I guess people really did smoke that much in the '80s, eh?

My Rating: 9/10