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1. Why didn't the used-car salesman simply drive away when Malvo left him alone to distract the FBI guys?

2. Who else thinks Malvo spared the kid? I saw no cars in the driveway when Lester came out of the house after having repelled Malvo.

PS Aren't there different pages for different seasons? I see posts for all five seasons here.


1- IIRC, Malvo had duct taped his hands to the steering wheel, & I assume his legs tied as well & probably in a way where he couldn't access control of the pedals.

2- I doubt he had any reason to, seeing as he had more pressing concerns at the time like the bear trap on his leg.

As for the P.S.- I remember that the old IMDb boards did have individual discussion boards for individual episodes, but I'm not too sure if that ever carried over here.