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Disney does a poor job marketing the animated Mickey Mouse (IMO)

Yeah there's this show, which I've never heard of until I searched today, but with a few exceptions, I am amazed at what a POOR JOB Disney has done at keeping Mickey Mouse relevant.

He's a character in the Disney theme parks, and of course marketed heavily at Disney stores and as a licensed image, but the cartoons totally vanished. I would've thought Disney would've done more to keep the cartoons current. Kids go to Disneyland and Disney World and they want to see Mickey Mouse and somehow know who he is, but do they really know much about him?


Anyone with kids born from 2006 to 2020ish would disagree. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was nearly ubiquitous for parents of kids born in that decade+.

"It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Come inside. It's fun inside" Worse than Barney. Ugh.


aavfreak I am certainly open to criticism and debate. My kids were born in the mid-90's, so I'm oblivious to kids programming 10 years past that. They had zero Mickey Mouse in their life. They did have "Rolly Polly Olly" and "Bear in the big Blue House", which were kind of cute. They were thrilled to see a Rolly Polly Olly show at the Disney park.

Thank you for the feedback, and thanks for taking the high road. So many contributors on this board would've just called me an idiot. Thank you for your kindness.

Ugh, I had to suffer through Barney. Don't remind me. But I loved being able to watch Scooby-Doo and Blues Clues with them. And I'm guilty of subjecting my kids to The Simpsons probably younger than I should've, but we had fun with that too! Just like me watching All in the Family with my parents in the 70's, they probably didn't understand half of it!


No problem. Just to be clear, there is nothing inherently bad about the show. It's actually quite good. But like most kids' shows, overexposure causes a sickening irritation after time. Like Chinese water torture.

It's actually worth watching an episode or two for the cultural awareness.

Now, where did I leave my mystery mousekatool?