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what kind of a name is "So So"?

I had never heard a name "So So" before


I'm guessing we're getting some trolling here, or I can attempt to explain (I hope I'm not wasting my time doing this)...

It's not "So So," it's "So & So." Which of course doesn't make things sound any better in the case of "What kind of name is that?" though it helps when I say that it is purely a nickname that was assigned in the first film.

In Sinister, Ethan Hawke's character was a famous writer whom this [now ex] deputy admired, and wanted to receive an honorable mention in his book if he helped solve the murder case he was self-investigating and writing about. The way he put it kind of was: "You know how authors sometimes have a dedication page where they say 'This wouldn't have been possible without So & So'? What if I was your 'So & So'?"

From then on, Hawke's character referred to him as "Deputy So & So," so much that he even saved that on his phone and he is credited as that in the film. A bit of a nice lighthearted touch for a film tone like this that needs that kind of relief every now and then.

I'm actually somewhat surprised of the bold risk the studio took billing him as the main character. Not much of a draw, but given that it's a sequel they tried to go on success from the first film alone. Shame it didn't pan out the way most had hoped, but then again I didn't really think the original deserved a sequel in the first place. It stood fine on its own.

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