Question about Lolani

My wife and I both watched this together, and ran into the same question. What the heck happened at the end?

When on the transporter with Ferigno's character to leave the Enterprise, Lolani seemed to silently communicate an affirmative to a preconceived plan, one that crewman Kenway reluctantly appeared to acknowledge.

We both thought that he was going to transport them into space or otherwise help her end her misery. Earlier, she had said something to the effect that Kenway could "make her disappear".

Did the crewman beam over a bomb? Did Lolani somehow blow up Ferigno's ship?


I think she was just nodding to say "Good bye and good luck". It appears that she did blow up the ship, killing both the slave master and herself rather than continue to live in servitude. One of those episodes with a sad and tragic ending and probably a commentary on things like Sharia Law in our own reality.