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death penalty to those involved in Government, FBI and police

simple solution is to execute those who were involved. Every last one, 'cos by God if it happened to my kid and I knew the police were in involved. I know I would go on a rampage and gun everybody down inside that police station. This is the honest truth of what most fathers would do given that information is so readily available on social media and the dark web, it is somewhat easier to track down guilty parties nowadays compared to the 80s.

It is heartbreaking to see the mother enduring all that she has been forced to by the police, FBI and government. All those involved will surely go to hell


~ I second that emotion. It was so heartbreaking to see Johnny's parents pain and having to fight😠 to be heard. To top it off how lapse the laws of kidnap & trafficking was in the 80s.


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I think it's cute that you think it's that simple.


I completely agree but it isn't that easy. First there has to be evidence to connect men to this and then a trial to find them guilty.