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There Needs To Be A Sequel Focusing On The Franklin Cover Up

This documentary touches on the Franklin conspiracy, but you could easily do an entire 2 hour documentary about Franklin in and of itself. It's been so swept under the rug that people in Omaha have mostly not even heard of it.

It boggles my mind. It's one of the only cases that I can find where the accusers were turned into the accused. Even with cases like Duke Lacrosse the accuser wasn't imprisoned for making false accusations. So, even if some of what people like Alisha Owen said isn't real, it's still nuts that she served time.

At the time, people simply couldn't believe that rich, prominent, pillars of society could be capable of pedophilia. Those charged included a Alan Baer (a prominent department store owner in Omaha), Robert Wadman (the chief of police), Larry King (bank manager), Harold Anderson (the newspaper editor), and Peter Citron (newspaper writer).

The interesting thing is that Peter Citron eventually did go to jail for child molestation and the talk around the city at the time is that he had parties with high school boys. I don't know if I believe all the mind control and satanic elements of the Franklin story, that's where it loses me, but I have no doubt that there could have been "parties" where rich men indulged themselves with "hired escorts." Some of whom just happened to be under 18. As the Johnny Gosch documentary states, rich men don't get their hands dirty in this, they have kids provided to them by others.

All of this was reportedly orchestrated by King. Before he went to jail for embezzlement, he was heavily involved in youth charities in Omaha and was a fixture at Boys Town. He donated to them and was often seen there. It is certainly plausible that this was a pipeline for him. And, if anyone made an accusation, who are they going to believe? The troubled youth? Or, the "pillar" of society. It boggles the mind that King went from such a mover and shaker in the Republican party that he sang the national anthem in both 1984 and 1988 and organized the convention parties at both, to someone accused of child sex and went to jail for stealing millions form his bank.

Again, all of this was unfathomable in the 80's, but in light of things like the Jerry Sandusky molestation charges, the charges against Tom DeLay, etc. it's not so unfathomable now.

From what I've heard, anyone who has started knocking on doors in Omaha trying to do documentaries on Franklin have been threatened, even to this day. So, it probably won't happen. It should though.


They are still threatened.


I don't believe all the satanic accusations either,could've just been a kid's mind trying to justify what was happening, and too, depends on how religious they were to begin with. Also, there's a high chance the kids were given drugs (lsd, shrooms) which would mess their perception up. However, it's also likely the adults would make up "boogey man" stories to keep kids in check. If you delve into the mkultra stories you'll see similar tactics.


The Satanism stuff is very hard to wrap the mind around. What we know for certain is the government's czar of child molestation, Michael Aquino, is an 'out' and proud Satanist.