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It really sucks hard compared to the 1993 version

I love the beautiful 1993 version so I was interested at a different take on this but it was so bland. The 1993 version had excellent dialogues and every character were so well defined but this version has terrible dialogues and barely no characters makes any impact. The final scene of Colin meeting his father face to face for the first time was so moving and beautiful in the 90's version because you felt you knew these characters real well by the end but in this one it was meh! Also in this version it seems that Lord craven could not care less about Mary even by the end and that took a lot of the heart of the story away. Julie Walters was wasted in this film , she appears at the start of the film then disappear for one hour only to reappear at the very end, a very far cry from Dame Maggie Smith Bafta nominated turn in the 90's version. The garden was bland , in fact it was impossible to differentiate the secret part of the garden from the rest. The writers could not write proper dialogues for the kids, everything they said felt unnatural for their age and because of this I felt zero chemistry between the tree children, something again the 90's version excelled in. Really disappointed. Well, overall, It was extremely mediocre, it really felt like a TV movie more than anything. If you want to share an adaptation of this story with your child, I REALLY recommend you to skip that one and show the 1993 version instead as it is superior in every single aspects.


It's unfair to compare 1993 version, it's consider a greatest of all time.


Actually, think it the 93 version is still underrated and now there is that new version, kids wont check the superior 1993 version and that makes me real sad


1. Don't be sad, because kids wouldn't like it, when I first saw the 93 version, I'm a kid in elementary school, and bored the shit out of me, my second viewing was after graduate from high school, and love it!

2. New version (probably) wouldn't make people don't want to see old version. Psycho has a remake, but how many people do you know saw new version instead old version? Robocop? A Nightmare on Elm Street? Most people see old version.

If anything, I will said: BAD new version wouldn't make people don't want to see old version, GOOD new version will.

I love 1993 version, I think it's perfect, so never bother to check the older 1949 version. Why bother? It can't be better than 1993 version. For the same reason I never bother to watch older version of A Little Princess, because 1995 version is perfect.

How many people do you know saw old version of The Last of Mohicans and Scarface? My guess the number is zero.

My point is: when the new version is so good so great, that is the primary thrust to make people don't want to see the old version.