Worst film of all time

Kamal Hassan used to be a good actor. Now he is just utter crap.
This movie is just so bad that it is not even good.
Horrible horrible plot, acting, directing, situations, dialogs, everything.

Who thought it was a good idea to make him the hero? Some really old dude with 2 hot chicks by his side competing for his attention! Of all things, these 2 hotties compete for him? WTF?
One is his wife but other is his partner or something but he needed 2?
And who thought it was a good idea to have the whole movie with him with those goofy stupid bandages on his face? I don't think I've seen movies with that sort of bandages around face whole movie. Imagine James Bond with a bandage around his face for the whole movie. Idiotic.

And the way people joke, talk or just causally go about the movie without any sense of urgency or purpose for a supposed action thriller is just laughable. Along with the goofy support cast.

And of course the movie has to be racist too against white people for no reason other than to show brown people are somehow better than the stupid clueless white people. Why? I mean WTF would you do this? In today's day and age when countries like America are very diverse while countries like India are becoming more religious and anti social against everyone non-brown. It's like caste system v2.0. I mean, give it a rest in the movies.

From the stupid villain Omar to the stupid leads to the stupid everything this is one of the worst movies with top actor billing I've ever seen. This is even worse than that Sholay remake, whatever it was called.

The whole underwater scene where he diffuses the bomb after it hits 0 must be a world first. Bomb doesn't go off at 0:00 apparently.

Insane movie. That bed scene with Kamal Hassan and the chick was beyond cringe. He looks like her old uncle even.

Rating : 1/10 for those 2 hot chicks.