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Movie Explaination, Review & Discussion

Note: This movie for selected few and not everyone's cup of tea. The
movie tells the story in a very different manner.

A women is about to loose her ability to see. She confines her self in
her apartment. Soon her imaginations starts to take control of her
reality as she start writing on her computer what ever she imagines.
Her husband is mostly out on work. She also starts to rehearses what it
will be like to be totally blind.

In the story we are introduced to several characters and their lives
narrated by this blind women. As the movie starts to progress we see
this blind women get paranoid, starts distrusting her husband, start to
imaging things which are not real.

In a way this movie is about a women who could see, then get partial
blind and eventually looses her sight. The movie shows us how she deals
with this change in her life.

The blind women tells us about the how it feels to imagine things that
you don't see. As long as one can imagine something; it's easy to deal
with. What ever the narrator can't remember from past she replaces it
with imagination. Any new memories that she forms are also from her
imagination. She justifies that it does not matter what the details are
as long as you have some picture in you head to think about it.

I feel the writers could have chosen express how a blind person will
deal with blindness in a much simpler way but they chose a much more
complicated way. Though the film brings outs this complexity sensibly.
The movie is only driven forward by what the narrator will imagine
next. The movie depicts loneliness very well. Applause to the actors
for making it appears very real.

Rating Final :: 6.5/10

Nicely Picturized: 7/10
Good Acting 6/10
Loneliness brought to life 8/10
Made it complicated for no reason: 3/10
Suitable background Score: 6/10
Dealt with a unique Concept: 9/10

Spoilers ahead: Movie Explanation Its about a Blind women who become
fearful of everything. She does not want to leave the house. She starts
to loose trust in her husband. She keeps on feeling that the love
between them have vanished.

But she is able to deal with her fears through her day dreams and
through the invented stories. She starts writing; she invents
characters in her life and brings them to reality in her imagination.

It is difficult to tell in just one viewing what all that happened in
the movie is real and what all had the blind women imagined. In the end she
start to trust her husband again, she loses the fear of getting
pregnant; she becomes comfortable with sharing her thoughts with her

What are your thoughts?

Jass From JKTV
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