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JeeJa Yanin is is terrible

JeeJa Yanin is a great action star.

this move is several notches below Raging Phoenix and Chocolate.
fortunately there are several fighting scenes that she can shine in.

I would give this movie a 2.. but add 2 for the JeeJa Yanin action scenes...
so I give this a 4.


The action scenes weren't even that great. I gave it a 3. Way too cartoonish. The movie seems to go out of its way to include some comedy in just about every scene. Im guessing some of the charactrers were played by well-known thai actors because there seemed to be some in-jokes that weren't apparent unless thai comedies are always this goofy. I found no redeeming value in watching this even for the action scenes.


"unless thai comedies are always this goofy"

You have no idea. This is tame in comparison, but you're right the movie's not particularly good.


The only things worth watching in this movie are the fighting scenes and the bloopers.

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