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SPOILERS Kenny's intentions

Nice movie, though it lacks some soul imho.

I'm stuck with some (plothole?) questions:

- So Kenny was sending the text messages? Isn't this too smart/cunning from his character? Or don't we know enough about him to judge?

- Was it always Kenny's intention to murder his brother from the moment he invited him to come along to d'Ardennen? Why else invite him anyway? Why not execute the plan when he had multiple opportunities to do so? Simple regret/remorse?


He was probably sending the messages to make sure his brother would be at ease. He was worried Dave could find out the truth and could make things unnecessary more difficult.

Yes, I think that was his intention. But we can only speculate at the precise moment of his malicious decision(to murder him) and the circumstances of the intended plan. Not much of a plothole I think allthough it seems a bit odd that Dave apparently could not see the second body in the trunk at the garage. On the other hand Kenny didn't open the trunk, just wiped off the condens of the window so that Dave could glance just a little.


There was only one body in the trunk, the one of Sylvie. Kenny didn't kill Khalid, he actually only killed Sylvie and he was planning to also kill Dave.