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Rubbish like this being rewewed...

Tells you everything. CBS political bias and SJW pressure. Cancelling would be racist.

That being said, they really believe this is influencing anyone?


I think all the SJW propaganda has the opposite affect. We had an election in my country last week where the Conservative side retained leadership even though the fake news media were saying the Left would were a sure thing to win.

The Left are still scratching their heads over why they lost and the Leftard celeb's down here are attacking everyone who disagrees with them.

They can't see they lose because of themselves.


Pretty much the same as the U.S. 2016 election


We just had an election here in Australia and the more Conservative party won over the Leftard one.

The Leftie celebs are scratching their heads and insulting the population.

Everyone is to blame but themselves


I don't like the episodes I've seen, but I don't think that it's necessarily being renewed because CBS is afraid of being labeled racist. Probably it has more to do with solid ratings. Ultimately, big networks are cowardly by nature, so ratings are the be-all-end-all of which shows do or don't get canceled

Then again, I haven't looked at the ratings, because I don't care enough about this show. It's not even about the message, although I prefer to watch non-SJW shows. But the episodes, their writing, their story, were all just mediocre. I can watch a mediocre anthology show, but when it calls itself The Twilight Zone, my favorite TV show of all time, I have to hold it to a higher standard

Black Mirror has become fairly SJW too. And it won't stop, because Netflix panders to SJWs more than any network I know of. Yet they have canceled shows built for black audiences, such as The Get Down, before. Presumably due to nobody watching them. So even the most SJW companies still have to bend to the will of consumer interests at a certain point

This iteration of TZ will only last a few seasons, just like all of the other attempts at reboots. Rod Serling was a master storyteller. Jordan Peele is a decent writer, but he isn't writing these episodes. He's just producing and acting as the face of the franchise. And, anyway, he is nowhere near as talented as Serling. Serling made the original show what it was. No reboot will ever come close to the greatness of the original


I think this new TZ has maybe one half-way decent episode out of eight. The reviews are pretty middling too but The Atlantic skewered the show, deservedly so in my opinion.