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Above-average anthology fare.

This isn't great art, but it's three pretty fun short horror stories "with a twist." The first (and worst) is The Wig, about a haunted head of hair. The second is Corpse Bride (no relation to Tim Burton) about a man who falls in love with a corpse. The third is O.T. (Overtime) about people pulling pranks on each other. You could do a lot worse with your time.


Lastly I've seen a lot of films that use this CGI blood and it looks fake. I prefer ketchup...


I thought overall it's worth watching.

I found the first one to be a very average, very typical Thai horror story.

The second one was the worst. The story itself, while typically Thai, was not interesting. Furthermore the CGI blood and the motivation for the lead character's actions just dragged the story down.

The third one I actually enjoyed and made me boost the overall score I gave. It really kept me watching, and I actually thought the CGI on this one was much better.