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What you see is real.......

Okay, normally I defend shows where amateurs go on the hunt for odd stuff. Let's face it: Josh Gates made a career out of not finding what he was looking for. My normal opinion is that if you do not believe the premise, why bother? Why post? However, there are some reasoned things to note here, mostly using the Seaview for comment.

First, what you see is real: Yes, bottles moved. Radios spoke. No one bothered to say how it happened. Just (in the intro) that it really happened. Whether the camera or recorder caught a fart by a human or by a ghost does not matter to the statement as to the reality of the fart.

This pertains to all shows proffering evidence: Cut the dagnabbed sound effect! Let us hear some clean interpretations of what goes on. Why point out an EVP and then have sound effects go up to the moment of and immediately after you play it?

I was really rankled by the "I'm Mrs. Bradley" on the radio. He is tuning the dial and gets clear sound and then the "I'm Mrs. Bradley" voice, without the normal static when changing the dial? At least I couldn't hear it. Help me if I am wrong.

Dead Bird? Yeah, could have easily been put there prior, and, of course, is not proof of anything paranormal. I know it was not pointed out that way, but was a scare tactic.

Bottles moving in HQ sound? Could be, but unless the bottles were found, I am thinking it was a recording as well. However, IT REALLY HAPPENED! The sound, that is.

Please believe me when I say I defend these type of shows all the time. I Believe Ghost Hunters to be sincere, despite a few obvious plants. I also wonder if Grant was asked to leave for shenanigans.

Oh, and the Chateau. Real hard to get an elevator to (IT REALLY HAPPENED) move on its own. I'd like to see Jason Hawes debunk some of this, though I believe he is too friendly with Josh to do so. The Ghost Adventures team are too dramatic to do this.

BTW, didn't Jason's team find little when they did the Seaview? I just downloaded the eppy and will watch again, maybe reporting back.

To the believers. Remember, please: I want to believe. I follow these shows and read up on this stuff all day and night, so I am not trying to kill anyone's joy without good reason.