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Beautiful film but... are they out of their minds or just crazy?


I really liked the movie as a beautiful melancholic "late night can't sleep" movie but I really don't know what to think about this.

Isn't this basically murder suicide? It's at least technically since the Doc gave everyone the poison. He didn't seem to force anyone to stay and kill themselves but he seemed to want everyone to die? Do you think that he actively encouraged people to do it and used social engineering tactics to get what he wanted?

I'm not opposed to anybody taking his own life IF he is of sound mind. And doesn't have responsibilities. But in any case I think you do have a moral duty to try to help people step away from the edge. That is just the right thing to do.



From what I understood, they all agreed that some lives are just so full of suffering that it's better to die. And the way they did it, they at least did not leave the world alone but felt a sense of belonging and companionship. (Not trying to say I would have done the same, but that was the sense of the community I think.)

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