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Spoiler question! about Tom, Alice's boyfriend.

Why did Tom, Alice's boyfriend, kill himself in the beginning of the film? I must of missed that part. Was it ever stated?


You didn't. Unless I did, too. They showed the two happy at first. Then she has to work late and he didn't get to go to some party or something. Obviously he had problems already. I think they just didn't have time to develop his character.


Tom was a nutt


I genuinely think it's not supposed to matter.
It wasn't covered at all

I mean you can say it was "because he missed the party and she called him an *beep* but that was just a small device so the main character could feel "guilty" about his death then project "tom" onto "charli"

and save 'tom' in a way by saving 'charli'

and to save 'charli' she had to prove that she would die for him

haha tom sucks, he never asked his girlfriend to die for him

But really, I think the director had a small message or meaning behind the motives and deaths, TOM-didn't matter, he wanted to die, and didn't express himself to alice
charli- wanted to die, was open about it (that was their motto or whatever in the house)

because charli was honest about his feelings alice could "save" him.
alice saved him by "dying" for charli, I mean she didn't... but she was completely prepared to.
charli needed to know someone genuinely loved him strongly because of his *beep* up past (is my analysis on what the writer was saying) because he had an extremely distorted view of affection and love.

the rest knew they wanted to die, that's all there is to it, even after seeing charli and alice get up and leave (knowing they could) they were still set on it.