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Saw this on Netflix... Spoilers!

I saw and recognized the lead actress from other films and series, and I like her, so I picked this one on Netflix when I was in total veg mode. I like these small, weird indie films but this one had some serious problems in my opinion. First, we meet her and her boyfriend bonking happily (first shot of the film) then she shows up late and they're late for something and they get into a fight—next thing you know he kills himself. The lead-up to this was very weak. The contrast of the happy morning howling (post-bonk) and the few seconds of disappointment over being late (even if this was a pattern and he was fed up) does not explain suicide. OK, now the question is, can suicide ever be explained? But storywise, it was a very weak lead-up to this.

Second, the immediate bonking with Charlie didn't add up. She was supposed to be traumatized, etc., but she certainly didn't carry on that way. Maybe it was their way of dealing with their trauma. But he was mean to her because he found her wallet at first, then the next thing you know, they're shagging in the barn. I think Charlie, given his backstory of being sexually abused by his stepdad, then watching his brother murder the stepdad and mother, would have had a lot more sexual/social hangups and issues. He seems to be perfectly at ease with seducing and having relations with Alice.

Third, after Charlie starts shooting the dogs, Alice runs off in horror. The next time you see them together, she's dancing with him and then bonking again, like it never happened. There was no mention of the dogs, or what he did, or how it upset her (or him). It was stupid and unbelievable. Later you learn he only shot one and saved the other. What a nice guy.

Last, I did not buy Alice's readiness to kill herself. Finding her boyfriend's body is definitely traumatic, but agreeing so readily to off herself is just silly. She's smart, young, beautiful—it was just dumb and hard to believe. She had the gumption to fight with her boyfriend before he died to defend her actions (of working late a lot—being independent and career-minded) and then all of a sudden she's going to follow some screwed-up guy she barely knows to her death. No, that did not make sense.

The ending was OK, but ultimately, there were just too many lapses in character development and motivation for me.


I wish I would have seen the beauty that others saw in this film. I was bored and dissatisfied.

I agree with your post completely. My rating 3/10