So ... Obi Wan could have just force healed Qui Gon?

Literally the exact same wound as Kylo Ren received when Rey healed him.

He must have fallen asleep in that class at jedi school.

Then Again Qui Gon is the master, why couldn't he just heal himself?

Maybe Rey can 'force time travel' and save him. I'm sure she could easily do that should the plot require it.


.. its just the same things over n over again. we have to do something about this violence.


I think Force Heal is the ultimate Star Wars Force deus ex machina, because the idiot Abrams won't let death get in the way of a moneymaking story.

I mean, as others have said, Obi-Wan could've healed Qui-Gon Jinn, and afterwards, Luke could've healed Anakin. It really does cheapen the prior movies knowing that BULL$HIT like this has happened and is canon (according to Lucasfilm, anyway).


Kylo Ren had a much better health insurance plan than Qui Gon.


As I recall, having just seen the film, Rey and Ben are the first to have the healing powers in tens of thousands of years. It is supposed to be an effect of their bond through the force.

You can argue if it is a deus ex machina or not. I can see both sides of that argument.

But no, Obi Wan could not heal Qui Gon because he didn't have that ability. Neither did Anakin/Vader, Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace or Luke.


And I would agree. It would have been better if we had seen some hint of this healing power in the previous VII and VIII. Introducing it in IX is a bit forced; though at least we saw it early in the film before it became a critical issue.


There is indeed some hint of this ability in the much-deservedly-loathed prequels. Palpatine seduces Anakin by telling him that Darth Plaugeus could "even defeat death." If that ain't healing, I don't know what is. Turns out he wasn't just making it up to turn Anakin - though it sounds like a Sith ability which is problematic with a Jedi using it.


"But no, Obi Wan could not heal Qui Gon because he didn't have that ability. Neither did Anakin/Vader, Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace or Luke."
Our iconic, beloved characters never had that ability, yet a Mary Sue chick and an Emo from some corporate fanfiction abomination DO? Fvck off.


Sigh. Politeness truly suffers on the internet. They established an ability that the two share. You don't like them. Truly, neither do I. However, the concern was addressed. And, I hate to tell you, ability (in the real world as well) can appear in people that are unlikable or, even, have little training.

And, I might add, it is also established in IX that Rey has been training.


"They have it because they do now."

And no ... this does cause issues with established SW lore. Abilites don't just appear at all, especially in the real world.

That is some serious mental gymnastics on display.


Really? So, for most musicians their abilities are obvious at birth. After all, they don't just appear.

An student who decides to compete in cross-country events can immediately high jump to their greatest potential. After all, the ability can't just appear.

Abilities develop. It is established that Rey is training. She exhibits the ability to heal. It is explained that that ability has not been seen in thousands of years. They give an explanation.

Is it all handled well? No. We should have seen hints of this before. But they did give us at least some foreshadowing.

I really hate defending a film I thought was only adequate. But give the makers their due.


This analogy is not even close to the same. We're talking about new abilities that have never been seen before in the history of ever.

A better analogy would be any of these you listed, but then suddenly a musician or athlete shoots lasers from their eyes. Something never seen before, never demonstrated before, and never thought of before, but there it is "because they do now."


So, you have a complete list of all possible Jedi abilities? Such a list exists? The possibilities have been expanding since the beginning. Yoda "suddenly" develops the ability to see the future, however imperfectly, in ESB. That ability was nowhere to be seen in NH. By your logic, that is a violation of what has been shown. Nowhere did "super-leaping" appear in New Hope as well. That suddenly developed in ESB.

As to my examples: The current record of high-jumping is currently 8 and a half feet set in 1993. That height was unimaginable in 1912 when the record was only six and a half feet.

Throughout the series we are shown that Jedi (and Sith) can affect the world around them. How is the ability to heal any different than controlling minds or seeing the future. Conservatively, the process is only speeding up the natural functions of the body. Its not like they suddenly created life.


My issue is not with the new Force abilities. It's a fictional universe. Anything can be.

My issue is with the analogy, which again fails here. You describe setting a new record for high-jumping. That's just a better performance of an existing ability, not a new never-seen-before thing.

Throughout the series we are shown that Jedi (and Sith) can affect the world around them. How is the ability to heal any different than controlling minds or seeing the future.

This is a much better argument.


Because it clearly would have been used before since vs controlling minds it is astronomically a more critical force power. Why has anyone died ever if they can now, as of this last film, be magically healed without much effort? ... (but only if you are rey).

It's the same level as lightspeed kamikaze. Actually causes a lot of issues within the confines of the established SW Universe.

Now you can just go Harry Potter style and basically do anything with jedi magic.


Oh, man. Don't even get me started on light speed kamikaze.


Are you clinging on to this because it's rey and she is to be void of any criticism? (We see this kind of possessive obsession with rey fans).

None of what you say is equivalent. Just more mental gymnastics.


rey's explanation was that she made it up on the spot and that she was super proud of herself.

You are remembering parts of the film that never happened in reality.

She doesnt train in healing at all ever - you analogy is completely off which is what was called out earlier. In-fact you even contradict yourself in your very post ...


First, I am not a Rey fan. I haven't liked much of the story.

Second, it is explicitly stated in the film that healing is an ability that has not been seen in thousands of years and is related, for some reason, to the bond between Rey and Ben(Ren).

Now, is that weak? It is a bit. But the film follows from that premise. Palpatine's original plan was for Rey to strike him down so his mind could invade hers and the line would continue, with all the Sith behind her. It is only when Ben arrives and they demonstrate healing that he changes plans. Stating the absence of the ability for those thousands of years he drains that power from Rey and Ben to heal himself.

I am not a great fan of the last three films. However, I attempt to be honest in any evaluation of a film. The issue of healing not being seen before is addressed in the film.

It can certainly be argued that it is a weak explanation, and I would not argue against that claim. But to say it invalidates previous uses of force abilities is not accurate.


I agree with the other guy commenting.

You are making massive leaps here to try and justify something that can’t be justified.

Force heal suddenly appearing like it did, makes no sense and is very much a dues ex Machima that really damages the entire Star Wars series.

There have been plenty of characters that were way closer than Rey and Ben. Obi wan and Anakin, Ashoka and anakin, Qui Gon and obi wan, Luke and Vader. And many other masters and their padawans. Not to mention thanks to the Mandorlorian we now also know that there doesn’t even need to be a deep bond to do force healing. So that whole reasoning is now out the window.

Bringing force healing into this just completely damages the series. Hell we saw so many war time injuries thanks to the clone wars series that should have been healed thanks to force healing.

Why as peacekeepers of the galaxy didn’t the Jedi have force healing specialists?

Its all just a bloody mess now and just shows even more how rushed and damage control and not thought out this movie was.


You know, I really get tired of this obtuseness. Yes, it was weak. However, IT IS STATED that the ability is rare and has not been seen for thousands of years. Rey and Ben display it because of their bond. How close others were isn't relevant. They have been showing that these two share a bond not seen elsewhere.

If we follow your logic, no ability not shown in the first film should ever appear.

And I don't see it as a deus ex machina. It didn't solve the problem. It did cause Palpatine to adjust his plans; either way he was going to be resurrected, either in his own body or Rey's.

Could it have been resolved without it? Probably. But the desired denouement was the whole of the Sith vs the whole of the Jedi. That required a "healthy" Palpatine.

You don't like my analogy. Fine, all analogies are flawed. However, as I said, force users have been shown to be able to affect the world around them. Healing is not that far a stretch.

Now, I understand the paper Yoda in Mandalorian has also shown this ability. I haven't seen that show. If that is true, then they are undercutting the foundation they established here, and that is either poor writing, poor continuity, or both.


Force heal is a major ability, and it's not just rare, it literally has never been used before and there is no history for it until Rey and Ben use it. The only other time was in the clone war series when the essentially force gods transffered their life into Ashoka to bring her back to life, a being that was essentailly a god in regards to the force was needed to do what Rey and Ben did.

No if we follow my logic we will see how it's bad storytelling and bad movie making, there are plenty of movies I have seen where an out of no where power emerges and it makes a lot more sense and is done way better.

No it was pure deus ex machina. Never mentioned before, suddenly appearing out of no where, brings a dead character back all that jazz, pure deus ex machina.

Healing is a stretch because it has never been an established power outside of the games and legends canon, with the only time it appearing in the series prior was as I mentioned before, a freaking god of the force doing it.

It is true it is not a "if that is true" it bloody is you can google it and see it. So yes they have completely messed up their on premise of it potentially making some sense for Rey and Ben by them wanting to push it that it's a legit ability Jedi have and it's not special and that at the very least high level Jedis should be able to do it.


I agree that it is just an easy way of getting out of things. But, we have to remember: Jon Favreau just did this same thing in his "The Mandalorian" when Baby Yoda healed someone. So, now, in two editions of modern "Star Wars," this is now "a thing."


The mandorlorian one makes it even worse.

At least the movies were trying to excuse it as a special thing between Rey and Ben.

Thanks to Baby YODA it’s now established it as just a legit force power that no other Jedis have ever done before.... because reasons.

Force healing never should have been introduced.


I think it wasn't something that they came across just yet or figured out. Just like it took Qui-Gon until Episode 3/Revenge Of The Sith to figure out how a Jedi can disappear when they die and when they become one with the force. It's not something that was there Day 1. So Qui-Gon taught Obi-Wan and Yoda how to disappear offscreen during the time gap between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, and why he didn't do it at the end of Phantom Menace. Qui-Gon learned offscreen after he died. I guess the Jedi are always evolving and stuff even after death.

But if Disney hired me to write Episode 10 or at least be ONE of the writers (not the whole writing team), I'd write things so Luke didn't actually died and that he also knows how to use Rey's force heal power. Plus he can do that trick Rey and Kylo can do with teleporting objects between each other in two different locations. So with Luke still being alive, he brought Kylo/Ben to him when Kylo/Ben "died" after reviving Rey. Luke can master teleporting people, but not clothes, so that explains why Ben's clothes were left behind. So he teleported Ben/Kylo to him, used the force heal power to revive him, and BAM Ben/Kylo is still alive. Then during the Tatooine scene, the reason we don't see Ben/Kylo with Luke and Leia is because he's recovering after being forced healed and is resting. As for Luke's ghost in the Tatooine scene, it's all a trick. He can communicate with everyone who is a force ghost, called up Leia, and then he force projected himself to Tatooine to stand with Leia. He then manipulated his projection to make it look like a ghost to keep it hidden he is still alive. Yoda taught him how to force project and teleport offscreen in The Last Jedi. Just like Qui-Gon taught Yoda and Obi-Wan how to disappear when they died.


Except that in this they did just 'figure it out'?


The power to heal mortal wounds is a power that some Jedi might think are..... unnatural.


It still amazes how Emo man child and horsegirl can do all this stuff that Luke,OBi Wan,Quo Gon and Anakin could never do.