Failure of TROS is that it's not TLJ!!! Oh fanbois are gonna love it then!

Well at least this one review drives home the idea how good TLJ was!


So the Matrix 2 is a great film because Matrix 3 was worse?


Your conclusion makes me doubt your sentience.


Makes me doubt yours. A bad film does not make another bad film better.

My Matrix analogy is spot on.


Some humorous highlights from the article:

“The Last Jedi” (2017), which distinguished itself as the most thrilling and audacious new “Star Wars” picture since “The Empire Strikes Back,”

"I suspect that more than a few fans who were incensed by “The Last Jedi” and its refusal to pander to their every expectation . . ."

". . . Rey has become a Jedi superstar under the tutelage of Gen. Leia."

"One of the reasons “The Last Jedi” felt so mature by comparison was its suggestion that we might, in fact, be more than the sum of our daddy issues."

"Speaking of rose: It isn’t the strategic sidelining of Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), an engaging character from “The Last Jedi” whose minimal screen time here will surely delight some of her more racist detractors. "

"George Lucas may have a lot to answer for, including his mostly dreadful 1999-2003 prequel cycle, but it’s hard not to admire his stubborn adherence to his own bizarre vision, rather than to some fan-tested, committee-approved notion of what a “Star Wars” movie should be."

"this series needs artists willing to flood its mythology with new life, rather than turning it into another endless replay of “The Skywalking Dead.”"



Yeah well that's the point, TLJ is an audacious movie. But no, you fanbois couldn't take it. You just wanted some mediocre romp. It seems you've got one now.


Don't waste your time getting mad at us - you need to get a second job, and spend that money on merch.

The Mouse needs you now more than ever!


At the moment I'm pondering to petition the Library of Congress to add The Last Jedi to the National Film Registry for its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance.


Do it!!!

That piece of crap is a literal snapshot into what a pathetic pile of crap the culture of the nation has become as a whole.