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The two extremes of this is Top Gun, Karate Kid and new Star Wars.

Top Gun had a message from Tom Cruise thanking fans before the movie even started.

The start of Star Wars had Mark Hamill throw away a lightsaber.

On the way out of the theatre, Rian Johnson kicking you up the butt saying that you're racist and misogynist if you had any criticisms.

Cobra Kai: It has a massively diverse cast of empowering characters, and both old-time fans and newcomers to the franchise adore it. Why? It doesn't attack fans. It doesn't put down the original cast and still holds them in reverence, even while letting them share the spotlight on equal terms with the new cast. It respects its new actors to treat them as characters instead of pieces of coloured meat on a deli counter. And most important of all it's written well. And so far it's made it to Season 5, ran for four years, has been renewed for a sixth season, had zero controversy, has been nominated for two dozen awards, and boasts a 95 critic / 92 audience on Rotten Tomatoes with no signs of slowing down. Shows like Star Wars and 2016 Ghostbusters could have been as beloved by fans as Cobra Kai had they simply had enough faith in their new characters to put them on equal ground with the old cast and make something for their fans as well as newcomers to the series.