Why was Yoda behaving that way?

Yoda in TLJ was behaving like before he revealed who he really was in Empire.

Which makes no sense.

After he reveals that he is the great Jedi Master that Luke had been searching for he began acting "normal"... it's even weirder in TLJ since he's a ghost now.


Disney hacks bought it and then once they did you can pretty much say that about everything that happens from that point forward....."why was _______ happening" or "why did so and so do _________"
Disney bought it, that is why everything that makes no sense happens.
They put hacks in charge of it who just wanted to make a buck and didn't take the canon, the saga, the continuity, the existing universe and characters and already established back story into account.


He also acts that way in ROTJ.

What's weird is that he was a passive aggressive jerk all the time in the sequels.