Brown paper bag

Please... does anyone really know what's in Keegan's brown paper bag? Tax records, Divorce papers, restraining order against his stalker.


I think it's more of a prop gag to show that he's mostly a homeless (now rectified), car-less, pathetic excuse for a professional of his standing. Most people in his shoes would have a nice briefcase, etc. but he seems to not take into account the idea of first impressions (which is a little odd since he is a trial lawyer).

What I do know is that I love it. Every time he walks into a room with that bag I have to chuckle a little, which I am sure is what they are expecting us to do. He's laughable.

What's in that bag??? Could be anything. Whether or not it plays into the ultimate story is anyone's guess. I know one thing for sure, it's a definite focal point for most viewers. Hopefully something will come of it.

"Your wife's on my Wham-O"


Oh, thank goodness. I thought I'd missed something.