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If she would have lived, Larry wouldn't have his daughter

First off, I don't know why Larry and Howard still speak so highly about Anna. She cheated on both of them with the other. Secondly, she was trying so hard to keep from a paternity test to show who the father was and things was going her way until she died. If Anna would still be living, Larry might have not got his daughter period. It's clear that Howard and Anna's mom only wanted Dannilynn because of the huge paycheck they would be getting from her, but Larry seems to be the only one who wanted Dannilynn because she was his daughter, not because she inherited possessions from her mom.


We'll see in 10 years when she is old enough to think about these things and distance herself/etc.

Sincerely, jnorgle, the person that can't think of a better signature than this.


she wasn't actually dating howard when she was with Larry .....