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Last five minutes, but maybe? Golden

What makes this special so special is the last 5 minutes. The "but maybe" segment was brilliant. It tackled some controversial topics but that's what comedians are supposed to do.

Louis CK is having more intelligent specials by time, and he's becoming one of the greatest comedians ever because of that. George carlin wasn't only funny but a bit of a thinker and that's where I feel Louis CK is going.



The "of course but maybe" was the best part of a quite disappointing special.

Tell your brother he's on my to-do list, right after 'inserting needles into my cock'.


He called everyone on their *beep* with the slavery joke. Everyone acts morally sensitive, but no freaking way are they going to give up their cell phones and text messaging and inconvenience themselves even a little bit to save someone they don't know from a sh***y existence in a factory in some third world hell hole.

No calories burnt in thumbing your nose at people who make politically incorrect statements about the truth of society. But call them to make a change, and they balk when you call their bluff. That's what I hate about political correctness. It's more about ostracizing people in a society to make oneself look better or feel better about their own being, instead of actually getting out there and doing something.