What were they thinking? This was a terrible movie...even for kiddies!

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Wish I would have read the comments before I put this stinker on on.
My daughter and I have limited amount time to watch movies together between school and work and we always have lively conversations-we've now gone over the most important aspects of being stuck out in the wilderness (I think)but since we aren't rich people my kids would be flying commercial baby (as they do)-and at least there would be several other people involved. See there a bonus to being poor!
Most important aspects I saw/we talked over...
Don't have a cheap boss that still uses analog on your planes.
water ...snooze.
maybe make you fire outside not in cave so that a search plane would see your smoke
and wrap the pilot up and make him a shelter I wouldn't have left him in the plane
what if it was leaking gas?

Any others ???

I'm just at the bat/cave part

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