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Horrible and mostly boring


This movie seemed like it had some promise. That is until the mom lets the dad take the baby cross country... to repair a window. Why would anyone do that? The mom is right there at home, folding laundry. Dad, there is no need to drag your baby through miles of back country roads while you fail at yet another simple task. Great parents!

After that, things go downhill as the real gems of intelligence continue throughout this whole movie.

"Engine failure!? I'll just pop the hood, gee that looks fixable and totally natural. Nothing wrong with a little alien slpooge on top of the engine... why don't I just go and stick my whole torso in the back of the trunk, like most people would do. Sit tight little guy. Whooooops! Stuck inside the empty trunk now. Weird!" Worthless dad is worthless.

Manages to get out, grabs the kid and ignores the monsters evidence left on the car. "No time for thinking about what just attacked me!" Merrily jogs through the woods. Gets home, no explanations given. No look of horror or fear, just kind of passes the baby off to the wife. "Here ya go hun, take the baby I'm going to load this shotgun. (It isn't right? Seriously?! Lady, what isn't right? Are you insane!?) Oh! An intruder, sit tight I'm going to go shout out to them so they know I'm there and then shoot a hole through the kitchen door because I am a good for nothing character playing the leading role." Then he throws a hissy fit. Waaaah!

I couldn't bring myself to care about what happens to anyone after that. Everyone was a boring idiot so far and some one should die.

Put the baby in a closet? Sure, that makes total sense. (WTF!) Chase the monster in the attic hero dad, rescue the little finball (barf)... oh no wait. You're still as useless as ever. Turn into a creature and then what? Fall over and die somewhere? What the? Serious? After all that. I give up. Good game, mom. Grab the real baby who is just perfectly unharmed and run back to the house. Have a good cry. Credits roll. Lots of logging. Cheesy jump scare fails to be scary. What... the... f...

That was a terrible movie with decent enough cinematography but holy hell who wrote that? Even by stupid horror movie standards that was bottom of the barrel script work. There was just enough good camera work and make up to trick you into thinking your watching a good movie until a character has to do something to move the plot (was there one?) forward or get from one scene along to next. Just a slow plodding mess of stupidity with a few decent creatures and maybe one or two cheap jump scares.


Lol hilarious post. You should've made this into a review, pretty excellent. I'm still going to watch it, the cinematography looks stunning. I'll check back with you if you were right.


I agree..i couldn't believe how dumb those parents wete.
This film didn't win me at all.


Nobody takes there kids with them anywhere, everybody has 6 foot arms that can reach deep into a trunk, your first reaction should be to believe a monster attacked you in a world where monsters aren't known to exist. Come on now, pick better *beep* to complain about.