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Would anyone really do this?

Wear his baby as a backpack and hike into the woods?

I have no kids, but I found it far fetched that a normal couple would do that.

And it was not even a park or smtg, it was some deep Forrest. When he walks into a decaying cottage it was even worse. He nearly humps the kids head in a piece of wood going underneath it.

"It doesnt matter what Bram Stoker has told you... dead people don't come back from their graves"


While hiking I can understand.
But the second he went into that derelict shack, he put both himself and the baby in great danger. Rusty nails, uneven or decaying floors, the roof could have easily collapsed, etc...

We've met before, haven't we?


I felt the same way. I think at that point he should leave the baby with the mom.


Well the cottage had clearly been there for like 100 years. What are the odds it would fall apart the 1 minute he was in there?