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"The small minded see it as magic"

Why the Hell do they keep diminishing the supernatural side of Marvel by saying Asgard's magick is science? Ironically this is right before an episode involving a werewolf, The Frankenstein monster and Dracula!


Having a egotistical blowhard like the Leader not believe in magic is alright with me. Him being a man of science who thinks that magic is hogwash fits for his character. He did get mind-controlled by Dracula even though he felt he was above such a thing.

Though I agree with you about others like Iron Man and Falcon . Considering all that they've encountered and they know Thor and others like him. Falcon is young and being a SHIELD agent he might have believed that way at one time, but as I said considering what he experiences as an Avenger now I don't see why he thinks magic isn't real.