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There wont be a next generation of comic readers

When I was a kid, I was addicted to the Spider-man and X-men cartoons. I loved them so much that I had to have more. I have been reading comics ever since. I am a marvel guy at heart but I read comics from every company.

What I am saying is that those shows were a gateway for me and thousands of others and I know the same is true for the DC shows and those who watched them.

There is absolutely no way that this huge piece of *beep* and the other *beep* marvel shows will make kids want more of these characters.

Marvel are shooting themselves in the foot and I don't know why. Surely they have thought about this. They could build a kick ass animated shared universe with all the characters they have, but instead we get this.

Rocket surfboards? are you *beep* kidding me!!


The real end of new comic readers, music collectors, and other similar groups, is smartphones and the culture around them, leaving ppl mostly interested in being social media stars and shooting selfies and school fight vids all the time. So much singular focus there, comics can't compete.