Would be a good show IF....

1) they all lived as "humans" and changed into hulks when needed
2) the whole "supposed to be a web series to show hulk isn't bad" thing was gone
3) more Howling Commandos
4) showed them fighting separate battles because just because they're a team doesn't mean they work together ALL the time (even the Avengers go solo).

Oh and better plots and dialogues that span more than one episode (like the whole days of future smash, good plot idea but executed wrong).

Blood is thicker than water and much tastier!


I guess that the reason why they made that flying camera follow the Hulks everywhere for that web series is because they want the kids watching the show to feel like they are making youtube internet videos and other similar internet stuff that kids love nowadays and the people that makes these cartoons seems to think that the Young audience must be able to releate to the stuff going on on the screen for them to like it.

Like how the main characters must be kids or teenagers in almost all cartoons nowadays and that they must go to school on most of them for example.
The characters on cartoons can only be adults on superhero shows nowadays it seems.

I could not releate to anything in the cartoons in the old days but they were still great and i cant releate to anything in the animes i watch but they are still awesome so people dont need to releate to the stuff they watch to love it at all.