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David wasn't a liar about "before the world ends"...

Jessie was being stupid. She felt that way, he didn't lie about it or do anything to trick her. He felt the same way, and just fixed his mistake...they were both happy after!


Yeah. She was being pretty stupid. In fact it was cos of her attitude that he took those steps in the first place

Clark: Jonathan Kent; isn't it a little past your bedtime?


No, she was being pretty smart. She figured out that he had a secret and used it to trick her, and knew that was a terrible basis for an intimate relationship. The moment for him to fix it was during their conversation about their moment. He should simply have told her that he was afraid to reveal his true feelings and really regrets it because he's loved her for so long.


Point is, it plays into the whole time-travel trope of wishing you could "do it over."

In reality, relationships tend not to turn on single moments like that. If he hadn't kissed her then, he'd have had another chance (since she actually did like him). Doesn't stop us wishing we could do thing differently.

So yeah, she was being unreasonable, and he most certainly did NOT "trick" her by doing exactly what she wanted him to do. BUT ... in fairness to the film, she and his friends were in a bad place, where they'd only just learned he'd been traveling back alone. That kind of thing messes with your head - how can you possibly know what's "real"?

It'd be like suddenly learning your friend can literally read your mind. ALL of your thoughts and secrets, available at any time.


She played a game instead of simply saying she loved him and when the game didn't go her way she threw an immature strop at him.

Unlike her he had the balls to go up to her later and outright ask her if there was a moment.

She got pissy because she twisted his words and effectively ended the relationship before it started.

Then later after he's changed the past for that immature selfish little girl and she confronts him on it, good to know she can be upfront about her feelings. Wish she was at lollapalooza instead of playing games she says she liked him from the first moment they meet and would've gone back in time to change things so they could've met earlier.

The first time she meets him she gives him nothing but attitude and the second time.
Clearly she thinks he's the uncool nerd but gets pissy when he awkwardly says he doesn't think she would like him because she more fun i.e. popular.
He's right.
If she really loved him that much from the start then why did she knock back his advances in the car and after lollapalooza?
Why when he was trying to ask her out did she give him more attitude and then end it before it started?
Why was she giving him attitude in the cellar before he talked to her and she ended it?

She was full of it and while no woman is worth changing the timeline for she especially wasn't.
She didn't like the fact he manipulated the start of the relationship but that's what she was doing at the festival.
Probably that nonsense that if he makes the first move then she has all the power clap trap women do.


Well said Gambit.


I think what we can take from this movie is something we already know, that women are never happy.

Even if you build a feckin time machine, they'll still find something to moan about!