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The Neighbor was Unbelievable

The neighbor decides to sell home after losing the neighborhood competition? So because she gives to charity, that excuses stealing ornaments from the neighbors to improve her chances? Funny how making her an "honorary" made her reconsider. I get the idea that people aren't perfect, but I wouldn't expect someone who's truly honest and generous to do something so dishonest and in genuine. It almost implies people can do what they want as long as they're "charitable."

I did like the unusual perspective from most Hallmark movies regarding the romance/finding love, but the neighbor and that implied idea is the one aspect I disliked.


I think the point is that Krissy's natural inclination was to always look at the "naughty" portions of the book, and not to check out the "nice" portions.

The neighbor wasn't only a cheater, she was also someone who had good qualities. The decorations mattered to her for a reason, and her mistake was in allowing her passion to persuade her to be dishonest.

People are a mix of good and bad. While the good doesn't always make up for the bad, fairness asks we take it all into consideration.