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Why were the kids with their grandparents and not their parents?

Oh wait, you mean De Niro and Pfeiffer were supposed to be their parents?

Both are pushing 70 and 60, yet their kids are teenagers?

Maybe that would be plausible for Y generation parents (freezing eggs for starting a family after 40 and having established careers and crap), but these are supposed to be a typical goomba Eyetalian greaseball mob family! The kind that takes their cues from The Godfather and GoodFellas to know how to act (it's real, actual real life wiseguys take their cues from mob movies).

These types and the Jersey Shore trash women they marry don't put off kids until they're 50!!

Too absurd to take remotely seriously, and for a Besson flick that's saying a lot...


Pfeiffer is only about 28 years older than the actor playing her daughter, and about 37 years older than the one playing her son.

These age differences are perfectly normal.

Besides, all the actors were playing characters younger than themselves.

So Pfeiffer was maybe playing a 50 year old, not 55.

De Niro, maybe 60 rather than 70.

The boy, maybe 15/16 rather than 18.

The girl, maybe 17/18 rather than 27!!!

They can all pass for those ages, imho.

These types and the Jersey Shore trash women they marry don't put off kids until they're 50!!
Dunno about the generalisation.

In any case, the female character probably had these kids in her early to mid-30s (and the male was about 10 years older).

If it bothers you, then imagine that they are each on their second/third marriage.


Michelle was 54 when this movie was made. It isn't unreasonable that she could have high school aged children. She would have had them from 37-40.


My oldest kid was born when my wife was 32. That'll make her 50 when my daughter turns 18. She'll be 52 when my second daughter graduates.

My parents are the same age difference with myself and my brother. I had a couple of classmates in highschool who had fathers that were 60 when they graduated.

Sometimes parents are older. Especially when you get started late like my wife and I did.