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Yeah, another post about whitewashing but ...

... with a twist ;)

I gave this movie a solid 3/10

Yes, one of the reasons is whitewashing and casting quite white and pale actors and actresses in roles of ancient Egyptians which were, umm, a little more African and Middle East types of beauty. But that considers the mortals and not gods (yes, it's a fairy tale, a fantasy movie, we will get to that right... now). For me it would be OK solution to just cast Latinos. Seriously, that's all I need, some natural brown skinned people (I'm very sorry for pale Latinos of continental Europe) instead of spending additional money on make-up and bronzer products ;)
But when it comes to gods I don't mind them playing by all white cast. As we all know, Egyptians pictured their gods with animal heads, and whole statues were significantly bigger than mortals pictured on reliefs.
But gods characters acted stiff and looked... poor...

I don't have anything about CGI - it was fairly OK for such production and I did not expected too much.

The story is quite good but poorly executed. There's lack of swiftness, a balance between humorous scenes, thrilling adventure and epic story about battle between Good and Evil.

But what I really, REALLY like is Ra'a arch and his fight with Apophis and the whole world on a flat disc and the Underworld. That was pretty cool and something different, refreshing to see in a movie set in ancient history.

Generally I think that if this movie would be released in the 80s it would be a cult classic.

It's not bad, but... umm... it could be really better...


you are ignorant, the real egyptian myth was about the war between white aryan nomads represented by seth and darker peasants represented by osir. the arab subcontinent (so called middle east) was then and still more colorful than you think


Yes, I'm sure that would fill the theater seats.
Get 100 black B-list actors to play all the roles.

And one more thing..
The thing I hate more than anything
on imdb is reading everyone's signature.


Guess you can't name any other actors than white is because they aren't giving them roles in major movies.


those were some Euro lookin' Egyptians. They could have at least had Middle Eastern type actors.